What games are coming up for the Wii?


If your like me you like the Wii and think it has the ability to be one of the greatest consoles in gaming history. If your also like me then you think that Nintendo has barely tapped into Wii’s potential. Now here we are, ignoring the console we once looked toward so eagerly.  Our consoles have been collecting dust, having barely played any games since Smash Brothers or Wii Fit. Some have been considering selling their machine. Well you might want to reconsider that, because Nintendo hasn’t forgotten about the core gamers and there are several games in the big N’s lineup that might very well put the wii-mote back into your hands.

Mad World
I included this title knowing it has already been released but that’s how much I wanted to talk about Mad World. Released back in mid March the bloody game has gotten many good reviews. It’s graphics are very unique and stylized, almost reminiscent of Frank Miller’s Sin City. On top of the quality in it’s presentation, Mad World also has great gameplay utilizing the Wii-mote in fun and exciting ways. You will walk away from Mad World feeling like you truly experienced a game unlike any other on the market, I definitely recommend the title especially if your primary console is the Wii. It’s loaded with blood and gore so it is for the mature Nintendo crowd (if your out there).

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echos of Time
Now don’t stop reading when I tell you this is also coming out on the DS and is also an emulation of that game. It is easy to dismiss squarenix’s dungeon crawler but give it a chance you might actually enjoy it. It supports up to 4 players on both DS and the Wii, and even cross system support, giving you a lot of flexibility on how you play the game. The graphics are surprising not that bad considering it is the game on the DS, coupled with classic squarenix quality music, a final fantasy theme, and 4 player dungeon crawling gameplay, Echos of Time is shaping up to become a solid title.

One of Nintendo’s most classic games will make a long overdue appearance on the Wii in the Spring. Punch-Out promises the same old school gameplay with updated graphics and controls. Once again you play as Little Mac a young boxer who goes against a wide range of opponents from old favorites like King Hippo to new characters like Disco Kid. The visuals look very polished and the Wii remote’s motion sensors seem to work nicely. This is a Wii title that can appeal to both gaming vet’s and newbies alike.

For those who didn’t get a chance to play the original back in 1997 your in for a treat. Klonoa was considered one of the performers of the PlayStation era. Now on the Wii it’s getting a face lift in graphics and gameplay, while staying true to the original. The game manages to be modern and nostalgic at the same time, going back to the 2D games in 3D age. Klonoa can do many of the classic platforming moves like jumping, grabbing and throwing enemies. For those who are looking for a classic platformer but don’t have those old systems anymore Klonoa for the Wii might interest you.

Wii Sports Resort
Ok I might get knocked for this one being that the release date isn’t clear, nor are many of the games and features. But one thing you know Nintendo is pouring their quality into is Wii Sports Resort. To this day many people still play the Original Wii Sports which shows the quality yet universal simplicity of the game. The game is also supposed to make use of  MotionPlus which plugs into your Wii-mote for 1:1 accuracy. If there are still many people playing the original the sequel will sure to please fans for a while.

And there you have it, a few games coming out for Nintendo’s insanely popular system. Sure it might not exactly be robust but one thing that is promising is that you can look toward a unique gaming experience from Nintendo.


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