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LVLONE E3’14 EA roundup: Next Mass Effect, Madden 15, Mirrors Edge and more

EA games have stepped up their games at E3 this year. From bringing nostalgia from the original set pieces of Star Wars: Battle Front...

Madden 25 PS4/Xbox One Review: The Fight in the Dog

With any console transition the first batch of games tends to feel a bit on the rough side. Sports games are not immune to...

EA Sports’ ‘Season Ticket’ Program Gives Fans Early Access to Upcoming Games

Fans of EA Sports' games who can't wait until release dates for their games, should get the 'Season Ticket' as soon as they can! Having it allows gamers the ability to play games in full, three days before it retails in stores. Along with having early access, 'Season Ticket' will allow gamers to receive a 20 percent discount on the content they download for their respective game.

Madden 12 Attempts to Eager Football Fans With New Demo

With the release of Madden 12 around the corner, football fans have found their fix by milking all that they can out of Madden 11 or playing NCAA Football 12 until Madden's release. EA Sports did as they said they would, and released the demo on August 9. Compared to Madden 11, 12 feels very solid. Read more details inside.

Lvlone’s Super Bowl Prediction

With the big game today, Lvlone and Madden NFL 10 bring you our Super Bowl prediction.

2 Times the Madden Curse?


By now, anyone who has heard of the Madden Football franchise has heard of the inevitable "curse" that seems to follow which ever player is selected as the cover athlete. Madden began using cover athletes on their games in 1999, and every one of them has suffered from "the curse." If you don't believe me, the stats and injury reports speak for themselves:


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