1More Triple Driver in-ear headphones Review: Elevated Listening Experience

Many would think to achieve great quality in-ear headphones would be a hefty price. You see $20-30 in-ear headphones which sound decent but tend to not give you an overall better experience and break within a month or so. 1More has delivered great in-ear headphones at a really good price which rival higher end models.


The 1More Triple Driver in-ear headphones as the name suggests has a three separate driver system. What this really means is that you’re getting a dedicated sound profile for each drive. One dynamic for bass, one for mids and one for highs. You wouldn’t think of it but have these sound profiles separated makes a world of a difference in quality.

Nowadays it’s hard to tell how much a pair of headphones or earbuds cost you as we’ve mentioned before they’re in the low $ range of 20-30 but this not only has internals that are quality but it also looks quality. The earbuds have an aluminum rose gold finish which is actually the rose gold color it is suppose to be. The earbuds themselves are very lightweight and angled to fit a certain way right on the ear for comfort and stability. Even coming right down to the packaging where it not only has a great design breaking down the components of the earbuds but they also sport you with 9 sets of tips and a case to take it all with you. They made sure this will fit you which is great for me since one of my ear canals is actually a different size then the other.


You honestly don’t know good sound that could come from earbuds until you heard these. This will definitely change your thinking of having to spend 100’s of dollars on expensive headphones to have a pretty decent sound when this did the job great. The bass really comes in fully while not sacrificing mids or highs hence so a difference three drivers makes. My listening experience varied in three flavors which was music, watching some entertainment and of course playing some games.

The results came out really impressive as our music experience like Jay-Z’s 4:44 lossless album had us want to really crank it up and didn’t hear a break or crackle with things being as clear as its source. We watched parts of Logan and movie trailers for entertainment that brought us closer to the action with explosions and dialogue coming to life. Of course we had to play a few games to round things out which made games like Rise of the Tomb Raider and even the Nintendo Switch up the overall experience.


1More Triple Driver in-ear headphones is one impressive set of earbuds and has quite a bundle to it. All of this and I have not even mention the price. It doesn’t come cheap setting you back at $99 but this is a clear investment for those that want a better and more elevated listening experience in a small and lightweight package. Whether you’re listening to music, looking at entertainment or playing games things will sound better then you thought they could.


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