Need for Speed: Most Wanted makes a return to gamers this fall

Need for Speed has been making a run for the best racing game out since its inception.

From its origins with The Need for Speed to the current NFS: The Run, EA has been looking to push the limit on good racing games. Throughout the last couple of days there were rumors of a remodel or continuation of the more popular version from the series NFS: Most Wanted. A leak from a South African-based retailer, BTGames, had Need for Speed: Most Wanted 2 listed as available for pre-order for April 8.

Low and behold, during yesterday’s press conference, EA announced Need for Speed: Most Wanted, the 19th entry in the long-running NFS series. This game, being developed by Criterion Games, will reintroduce the open-world sandbox to the game. One change in particular, I want to note is  vehicle usage. One person driving a Ford F-150 will be able to keep up with the speed of a Lamborghini which will be able to play a pivotal role in breaking through police barricades.

No word on the customization that everyone hopes for, but we can all find out during the next couple of months. Need for Speed: Most Wanted hits stores on November 2, 2012. Pre-ordering the game will get players a Maserati Gran Turismo MC Stradale and the latest Porsche 911 Carrera S, four hours of “Double Speed Points (SP)”, and multiplayer modifications (unspecified). We can only imagine that the pre-order bonuses will simply come in a widely-available “limited edition” version of the game, with the bonuses being pre-packaged.




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