New Assassin’s Creed for Playstation Vita Announced

That’s right! There’s a new Assassin’s Creed announced and this time it’s for the Playstation Vita. The new Game Informer, previews the game, titled “Assassin’s Creed 3: Liberation.”

The closest similarity between both games is the time which it takes place. The non-handheld version of AC3 takes place from 1753-1783 and Liberation will take place from 1765-1780, towards the end of the French and Indian War (The Seven Years’ War). The setting for Liberation will be in New Orleans and will take players across the Gulf of Mexico and into Mexico.

In Liberation you’ll play as a woman named Aveline but is not connected to Desmond. Liberation will offer a different look at the Assassin and Templar conflict.  Aveline’s mentor is a “lave named Agate, who is the leader of the order of assassins in New Orleans.

The game is set to have true “Assassin’s Creed” gameplay, as players will be able to venture off into different parts of New Orleans without the need of load times for  new areas. As players explore different areas, wildlife like alligators will act as an environmental threat as they wait on the banks of the swamps and hide beneath murky waters. This new wildlife implementation in the game will test player’s abilities to react to animals and outside threats, not including people.

Wildlife won’t be the only new thing in the game. If newer weapons are your calling, then you may want to pick this game up because rumor has it that some new weapons include a sugarcane machete, pistols, muskets and grenades.

The game is scheduled to release the same day as the non-handheld version of AC3, October 30. Gamers can only imagine that more details will be revealed come E3 time. Count down the days, folks!


Sources: [Examiner] [NeoGAF]


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