The Humble Bundle returns, this time, things look a little bit cool…

For the price of a pre-order of a game, fast food burger or even a soda out of a vending machine, the Humble Bundle team lets the people choose how much they want to pay for a game. This time around you may actually want to bundle up for this slate of Humble Bundle games.
The newest Humble Bundle is titled “Frozen Synapse” in honor of the headliner game. For the next 14 days, gamers of all age variants, and fund levels, can log on to the site and purchase the Frozen Synapse game for as low as $0.01 or as high as, well, $1,204 as did ExpiredPopsicle (that amount is not the cap, but it is currently the second highest single payment. There’s a new sheriff in town, user “notch” upped the ante to an even $2,000 making “notch” the highest amount donated.
The game, Frozen Synapse, normally retails for $25 when bought from the manufacturer site. Any purchase amount under $25 from Humble Bundle will be a deal. If the game is purchased for, currently, higher than the average of $4.54 (even one cent), an additional “Frozenbyte” bundle will be added to the purchase.
The “Frozenbyte” pack will give gamers four and a third games in addition to Frozen Synapse. Players will receive Trine, side-scrolling adventure game available in the previous bundle, Shadowgrounds: Survivor, the sequel to the original Shadowgrounds, the original Shadowgrounds, a pre-order for the full version of Splot, another sidescroller, and the demo for Jack Claw (here’s where the “third” comes in). Purchased separately, “Frozenbyte” bundle included, any given person would be spending $70.
If you don’t think you’ll like the game, even for one cent, go on to the game’s website and download the trial of the game. As a Mac user, I know how it feels like to be thrown under the bus for compatibility in games, Microsoft Flight Simulator. There should be no worries this time around as the Humble team (no pun intended, or was it?) have introduced Linux to the current compatibility list.
If you don’t know how or why Humble Bundle works like this, go ahead and read this article, it should get you up to speed.
Each time the bundle is up for purchase, it lasts for 14 days. There are 12 days and umpteen hours left to go and get this bundle, so act fast!
Also, let’s not forget the games are DRM-free, so you can download them as many times as you need to (hopefully it’s not more than once… unless your computer hits the tank).



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