PS3 Exclusives Should be Played with Style

With new titles such as Metal Gear Solid HD (a release of older version of Metal Gear Solid with updated graphics, much like was done with the God of War series) and Uncharted 3, gamers may want to take a look at their boring PS3 dualshock 3 controllers. Press releases found on the Japanese Sony Computer Entertainment Inc (SCEI) website show details for two new controller themes that will be released in conjunction with the respective games. There’s a hi-res photo of the camouflage controller that can be found here. Reports from ShackNews hints at a November release which, conveniently enough, is when the HD collection is street dated.

Uncharted 3Controller

UPDATED: Inversely, the second controller, is specifically being released with as an Uncharted special edition controller. SCEI Japan names the controller, “Uncharted – Atlantis sleep in the desert” (that being a loose translation). The same press release mentions a controller-software bundle that will be released with the game upon the release date. The highly anticipated Uncharted 3 is street dated for November 1, 2011.



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