We Dare To Be Too Daring?

We Dare Cover Box

The latest game from Ubisoft, We Dare, has been catching a lot of attention. On the surface, it seems like a very tame game. Mii-esque characters having fun on the screen participating in party games. But for the PS3 and the Wii and their wireless remotes, the players might be involved in “other” games. In Ubisoft’s ad, you see a small group of people playing We Dare and not in the normal way either.

In order to get the characters on the screen to play the game, the players are shown in sexually-enticed actions such as bottom-smacking and sliding down the remote down someone’s clothes. They’re not saying much on it but one can tell that the whole situation is far from innocent. And even with the rating system in place, the US will never see this game in stores. But it looks like Europe will have a good time with it.



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Graphics are nice but give me story! >:O


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