Borderlands: Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution DLC Review

It’s a little crazy to think that Borderlands has come out a year ago and was critically acclaimed one of the best games of the year. With three other dlc packs released up until now, Gearbox has managed to open up the games world each time. This is now the fourth dlc pack and its all about our favorite crackerjacks. Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution finally lets us experience the Claptrap’s and their crazy antics.

The dlc’s story has the Ninja Assassin Claptrap activated and raging a movement throughout the new environments. Besides starting an uproar he’s also a total badass with clever lines and ninja skills. There are plenty of familiar faces throughout the environments from the main game and beyond. Gearbox has always managed to seamlessly tie in the characters in the world of Borderlands and this is no different. Some bosses have also returned with a twist so expect to get up close and personal with pissed off enemies wanting revenge.

Environments while new in flavor are just variations of old, painted prettier. Not to say they don’t look good but they don’t bring anything new to the table for the world. New weapons design could also be said here, as we are just seeing new stats and color schemes for weapons we have used in the past. We’ve gotta say that crazy killer Claptrap’s for enemies doesn’t get old in our book. Yelling out puns and watching them error after death is funny and simply fun. Players level cap and co-op experience will have alot to do with how long this will last them as well. The free level cap update hasn’t happened yet so if your at 61 there won’t be much to offer aside a new story.

While we think this pack is a good edition and still better then most forms of dlc that are available for a game, it doesn’t seem to live up to what The Secret Armory of General Knoxx bought us. New environments, weapon variations, enemies and story make a great buy for any game but those already familiar with the world of Borderlands and are currently at the level cap may want to wait for the free update. For 800 MS Poinsts on XBL and $10 on PSN this is definitely one to check out.

Overall Score = 8.2


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