Doom 4 Targeted For Console And PC, Wolfenstein In ‘Thinking About It’ Phase

Doom 4 is well into development at id. Hollenshead said “a team and a half” are working on the game. That compares to a single team working on id’s next big game, Rage, which will be released in 13 months, and two smaller teams working on mobile projects (including the upcoming Rage iPhone games) and QuakeLive. Hollenshead said id intends to eventually have a third full-size team running to work on a third big game.

Doom 4, according to Hollenshead, will also be targeted for simultaneous release on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. “That’s absolutely what we’re thinking,” he said. “That would certainly be the hope.”

The previous Doom, which was released on PC in 2004 and was offered on the original Xbox in 2005.

With Doom far into development, id’s support for its other franchises continues. Hollenshead said that the free-to-play (or subscription-based, depending on preference) QuakeLive will continue to be supported by the company.

For Wolfenstein, the id series that last saw a Raven-developed game in the summer of 2009? “It would be sad if there’s not another Wolfenstein game because I’m a personal fan of the franchise” Hollenshead said. “Wolfenstein 3D is the game that got me started in PC gaming. So personally I have a lot of emotional and sentimental attachment to that game. Even before I was working at id I was playing Wolf 3D, but we’re still in the ‘thinking about it” phase at this point.”

The next big thing from id, though is Rage. That comes in September of 2011 — though no promises were made this time.

The Rage demo to which Hollenshead referred was a powerful demonstration of an id game running the company’s id Tech 5 game engine impressively on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. The game looked great on all three. Such a tech demonstration is relevant for id, because the formerly PC-centric studio is now developing a game such as Rage for simultaneous release on PC and high-definition consoles.


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    I'm a huge gamer, favoring the retro and old games and game systems, but I frequently demo and play the new gen games as well


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I'm a huge gamer, favoring the retro and old games and game systems, but I frequently demo and play the new gen games as well


  1. im just hopeing it will be good like doom 3 and if they do put it on xbox/ps3 it would be nice for a coop to be tossed in ! but one can dream 🙁


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