More Value for your Xbox Live

 After Microsoft’s E3 press conference, Xbox Live General Manager Marc Whitten held a meeting of his own. Mainly, discussing what improvements and upgrades should be hitting the Xbox Live service in the fall. Here is a list of what we can expect.


 Game Marketplace

First, the Games on Demand feature. With this feature you can use real money (NO Microsoft points) to buy real games. It will be headlined with games like Mass Effect, Assassin’s Creed, and Bio Shock.

Avatar Marketplace

Second, the Avatar Marketplace was announced. If you are tired of the clothes that you have on your avatar, you can just buy some new ones. This new apperal will consist of real world brands and game related items. Along with that there will be Awardables. These clothes will be awarded after completing a task within a Xbox 360 game. Some examples of these items are a Halo 3 O.D.S.T. costume, remote controlled warthog, cheerleader pom poms and soccer balls.

Third is the added addition of that will hit later in the fall. This will basically give new and existing Xbox live customers the ability to listen to Users can listen to tracks, make playlists and even listen to music while playing games.


Zune video Store


Netflix Updates

at E3 ’09 we were presented with what will now be called the Zune video store delivering content up to 1080p high definition. This will be a real challenge for the service since it claims it will be able to stream 1080p right when you hit play!. In addition to the new store, Netflix for the Xbox 360 will also get an update allowing subscribers to change movies from their list on the fly.


Facebook on Xbox 360



Twitter on Xbox 360


Social networking has also been the craze  on the internet these days (lol). Up until now it could only be enjoyed on your computer and mobile devices. It will soon be available in the fall so you can update your status until your hearts content. Facebook will allow users to put/make their profile on the Xbox 360, Viewing pictures and friends. A new feature will be added allowing the ability to capture screenshots during gameplay to upload onto facebook which should be really interesting to see how that plays out. Twitter will allow you to update and view other updates on Twitter as its happening on the fly.



With all these new features Microsoft is really trying to make the Xbox 360 a full multimedia hub for the whole family to enjoy. If you needed more reasons to “jump In” if you haven’t already, now would be the chance. So does this mean that those free clothes on Wednesday are going to discontinue for your Avatar with the introduction of the Avatar marketplace ? Hope not. Even though it was only every other Wednesday with only a few items released, it was something to look forward to.


  • Ahphrow

    Im feeling vexed, yes..... vexed is a good word. I did battle with ignorance today, and ignorance won.


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Im feeling vexed, yes..... vexed is a good word. I did battle with ignorance today, and ignorance won.


  1. This again shows why Xbox Live continues to remain the lead online service for social gaming. Some may argue fees, lack of dedicated servers, how they don’t like the Avatars and Facebook integration and so on but let’s get one thing crystal clear. It’s where the developers flock to, the gamers flock to and the utility providers like Netflix and now Twitter are flocking to.

  2. too bad that service is just limited to US, the rest of the world just get garbage, at least with the PSN we have the chance to buy some cards and get content for the other regions but the American way restrict everything to anyone outside the US.

  3. Is not the “pay” part buddy, is the LOCK they have for ALL the extra content, including movies, shows, netflix etc, etc, etc. I bet you live in America so you don’ notice the problem with the limited XBL

  4. i have to agree the LOCK on shit is fuckin stupid im stationed out in germany and i cant get shit everyone in the states is gettin 😐 pretty lame if u ask me

  5. lmfao watch there shit cost as much has real clothes….new gucci bag 200$ green and red santa sweater 5$ new airforce 1’s 60$ ..all this for your avator on xbox live…priceless

  6. Microsoft doesn’t control the media outside of the U.S., that’s why you don’t get the same content. It’s up to the media providers what will be allowed & what won’t. Every country has different restrictions & policies.

  7. commonsense, you are really lacking any of it aren’t you mate? The reason netflix isn’t outside U.S is many reasons, one being copyright law and license agreements, the other is netflix hasn’t setup shop outside the U.S. It’s the same reason Hulu doesn’t work outside the U.S.

    We get Sky Tv in the UK, not available in the U.S, likewise the BBC etc should the Americans complain we get Sky Tv? Seriously?

  8. The thing I hate about articles like this is they don’t even pretend to explore the other side. PS3 AND Wii have internet, want facebook, go to, want twitter, go to The idea that you have a watered down version of a social networking page on your 360 crazy. They need an actual web browser. Also, the UK, Germany, and most 1st world countries all agree to an ‘International Copyright Law’, the reason netflix isn’t overseas is fear of lost profit and the inability to sue. You’ve also been able to buy games on the PS3 and Wii for as long as they have existed, Wii even lets you buy games for older systems AND they promised to put ALL Nintendo games in their marketplace

  9. One thing that held me back a bit on the PS3 was the need to use a credit card to purchase anything. With XBL you could get points, even if the pricing was odd. But now they’ve started selling PSN cards at stores near me, worth exactly what you pay for them, more or less. Buy a 20$ card, and you have 20$ to spend on the PSN. The only reason you make such an odd jump in translation from real money to “Points” is to hide a loss of value.

  10. Also, on the note of Hulu, the PS3 browser has stopped working with the website. Sucks a lot.

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