Ghostbusters exclusivly for PS3???


The rumor wheels are turning already from the Sony event in Sydney.  There is now new speculation that the upcoming Ghostbusters video game (which was canceled then picked up again after the third Ghostbusters movie was set to go into production) will be available exclusively for the three Sony platforms.  The team from Sony is alledigly working with Atari to help publish and distribute the title.  It is still not set in stone whether the title will be released on the XBox360 or Nintendo Wii, but personally, I hope it doesn’t.

One of Sony’s problems is the lack of PlayStation exclusive games.  With Final Fantasy becoming a cross platform phenomenon, Sony is left without a real power hitter that is exclusively theirs.  I’m not saying that the Ghostbusters game will mirror any type of sales that FFXIII will undoubtedly make, but it could be the beginning of Sony’s attempt to acquire more exclusive licensing.


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  1. Ghostbusters – the Video game is a cool game! Players portray a new recruit hired to test Egon Spengler and Ray Stantz’s new experimental equipment, during a recent rise of paranormal activity. This paranormal activity begins to occur as the city is about to unveil a Gozer exhibit. The team is thus called to investigate. Along the way, the Ghostbusters encounter several entities from the films, such as the library ghost, Vigo, Slimer, Gozer, and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, as well as many mini bosses that will be encountered throughout each level. 😛

  2. There was even rumors swirling about saying how the new Ghostbusters movie was going to be the same way, with younger recruits sort of “taking the torch” from the originals. I can’t wait for either to come out! 🙂


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