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E3 2011: Street Fighter X Tekken hands on

Capcom has been revamping there fighting franchises and with great success. First the Street Fighter IV series and then Marvel vs Capcom 3. What you haven't seen in awhile is a more traditional vs series, not since Capcom vs SNK. Utilizing the Street Fighter IV engine Capcom is now giving fans what they've been wanting which is a chance to battle it out with Tekken. LVLONE got a chance to get some hands on at E3 for a closer look.

Mortal Kombat Review: Bloody Fantastic

The original Mortal Kombat in 1992 is probably the first M rated game to be released on a console that stirred up controversy. The graphic violence of the 16bit fighter led in part to the creation of the ESRB. The last couple of games had seemed like the series wasn't moving forward, especially with its release of Mortal Kombat vs DC which had been rated T for Teen. It's almost 20 years since the original game and it has finally gotten a true sequel to the classics which dare I say might be the best one yet.

Update: Marvel vs Capcom 3: What We Know So Far

Are you ready for the release of Marvel vs Capcom 3? Do you remember all the news for it so far? Well if not you're in luck because we've rounded up some important information for you so you can brush up on everything. No need to say thanks, it's the least we can do.

LVLONE’s Best of 2010 Games Part 1

This was a great year for the video game industry and our staff here at LVLONE have had some of our greatest gaming moments in 2010. We have decided to share with you our top games from 2010. The decisions weren't easy if that's what your thinking. We voted, argued, screamed, yelled and called each other names but have made our decisions of the best of the best. Here is part 1 of our LVLONE's first annual Best of 2010 Games Awards.

Ubisoft Announces new Fighter for Kinect Launch

Ubisoft announced a new fighter for the launch of Xbox 360's Kinect at Gamescon. Fighters Uncaged is said to bring players 70 different moves, 21 environments, make unique combos and even play with a friend. Since this is the first Kinect fighter and what would seem to be the fasted moving Kinect game in terms of motion, we're not sure how this will pan out. Take a look at the screens inside the post.

Perfect Character Suggestions for Marvel vs Capcom 3 (Part 2)

Who do you want to make the cut?? We are presenting the second part of this solid list of possible fighters for the next game in this Vs. series


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