CES 2023: Mercedes-Benz 2023 EV Test Drive

While at CES we caught up with Mercedes who was doing a test drive for their latest all-electric vehicle lineup that’s out and coming soon! Two models we were particularly interested in which were the EQS SUV and the AMG EQS Sedan. Both sport a pretty futuristic look with a huge dash display that will allow many different features. The biggest competition for these vehicles are definitely Tesla’s and aside a smooth ride on both several commands it can do with voice activation, the seat massager and HUD we were impressed with the small amount we were able to drive them. The EQS SUV has a 300+ battery range and AMG EQS Sedan has a cool engine sound when starting up which mimics the latest gas engine AMG from Mercedes.

We’ll have to reserve our full thoughts for a proper review which we’ll look to do soon. Let us know what your thoughts are on Mercedes EV options!


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