PAX East: Ysbyrd Games

We got the chance to check out a couple of big titles coming out of publisher Ysbyrd Games over at PAX East. The two games we got to demo was N1RV Ann-A and World of Horror, two games that have a ton of stories to tell but are completely different in their own ways. Both games will be available on Steam, Playstation, and Switch sometime this year. If you haven’t heard of both games, definitely be sure to check them out if you get a chance.

N1RV Ann-A is the next game from the creators of VA11 HALL-A. If you aren’t familiar of VA11 HALL-A, it’s a cyberpunk bartender simulation game that is story driven through the multiple customers that you meet and sling drinks to. The game’s story changes depeding on what drinks you serve and how much you serve then to drink as well. From the demo of N1RV Ann-A that we tried out, you play as Sam, a mother slinging drinks at an upscale bar in the city of Saint Alicia. The patron we get to meet in the demo is simply named “Parka”, a struggling writer who’s struggling to figure out how to give the characters in her story a different perspective. Parka’s first time being at a bar gives you a bit of free reign on what to mix her. Deciding her beverages to ease her into breaking down her walls and really opening up is part of any bartender’s job. While playing the demo you really get a feel for Parka and how much you want to learn about her and the characters she writes about. If N1RV Ann-A is like VA11 HALL-A, players will definitely be in for a treat and the many stories it has from the patrons.

World of Horror by Panstasz, was the second game we got to demo. First look at the game brought me back to Macintosh/DOS game days. With 1-bit graphics, it had a old pixelated look with an image of a old AE86 that any anime fan would recognize with the spooky overtones. Before starting up the game I was instructed that I would be able to change the color palette to give the game the right feel for the player. After a minute or two of tinkering we finally started the game. Opening up in a class room we’re tasked with finding the spirit that’s been haunting the school and killing students. In order to do so, you need to scour the school for certain items to complete a ritual to banish the spirit before time runs out. The demo had many challenges, running you everywhere from the school pool to different classrooms to collect the different items. The demo definitely was a challenging, especially the turned based combat. Without any directions, figuring out how to equip items , defend or attack, and knowing when to mend yourself definitely brought back feelings of old computer games where there were no directions at all. If you’re a fan of horror and mysteries, I highly suggest keeping your eye out for World of Horror.



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