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Moshi’s Helios Laptop Backpack review: Light as a feather

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I’ve used many backpacks for travel and for work with some being more functional or practical then others. Some are more stylish and some aren’t but they’ve all have had a perk or two to them. Moshi looks to give you style and function with their Helios designer Laptop Backpack.

Moshi’s Helios Laptop Backpack is designed for 15″ laptops or smaller, with compartments for books, papers and other small items. It’s easily one of the lightest bags I’ve ever put on my back and is weather-resistant to boot. A couple of things we loved about the bag is the custom magnetic buckles that close the bag. This was easily one of the strongest magnets I’ve seen in a bag and can feel confident it stays closed and secure. All the little pockets that you can put a phone, other items of all kinds and the bag has a small hidden rear Napoleon pocket that you can put things like passport when traveling or import documents which was overall a nice touch.
We also loved how lightweight the Helios was to have on. With a moderate amount in it including a 15″ laptop it still feels as light as a feather. Commuting with different bags and even one that goes from a shoulder bag to a backpack doesn’t always feel comfortable but this is probably the most comfortable I’ve tried on in awhile. This bag is easily one of the stylish backpacks I’ve worn and has gone noticed by others with compliments as such as well.

Our only gripe with the backpack itself is on occasion when you’ve tighten the straps to your liking and proceed to put the bag on sometimes the strap pulls out of the adjusted position which you’d either have to do it again or won’t realize but will have an effect on how the bag is worn. The straps should have a locking position function or a stronger one to hold better.
The Helios Designer Laptop Backpack is one of the best bags I’ve seen of its kind. This has replaced my previous work backpack as the comfort of having the bag on could not be beat. If you’re looking for a bag for travel, your work commute or overall need something of a better material and make this is definitely the bag for you.

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