CES: Oculus Rift is finally going on sale, price and date revealed!

It’s been a long time coming but it looks like the Oculus Rift is ready to be made available to the public. At CES they revealed that the price of the consumer virtual reality headset will be $599 with its initial shipment going out March 28 of this year. The unit comes with two games, Lucky’s Tale, EVE Valkyrie, the Oculus remote and an Xbox One controller. There are also Oculus touch controllers but won’t be made available until Q3 or so of 2016 but if you pre-order a Oculus Rift will give you incentives toward it.

It’s something to note that while that the initial price might be steep you’re also going to need a decent rig to run it. For those that don’t already own one they have PC links on their website which are “Oculus Ready”. These seem to start at $950 and go up from there. You might be better off building your own rig but for those that want it made and good to go those are decent options. Lots have gone into making this work and the first wave has already sold out so at time of reading this if you pre-order you will be inline to get one by April which will be the second wave of units.
What do you guys think, is this price too high for the Oculus since it was rumored for a $400 release before or are you ready for the premier Virtual Reality experience no matter the cost?



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