Dead Rising 2: Case Zero Review

Dead Rising 2 has been in the works for quite some time and now with the game being about a month from coming out, the developers have decided to give fans of the series an early treat in the form of a downloadable mini prequel called Dead Rising 2: Case Zero. Many thought that Case Zero would simply just be a demo for the full game however Capcom has put in extra effort into the DLC to make sure that it’s much more than a demo.

Dead Rising 2 takes place in a town just outside of Las Vegas, the zombie outbreak from the first game is still plaguing the land, from this point players take control of Chuck who is the new hero of the sequel. Chuck is with his daughter who had previously been bitten by a zombie so one of the main focuses of Case Zero so to find Zombrex which is a medicine that keeps humans who have been bitten from becoming zombies. Chuck also has to find the proper parts to make a motorcycle so he and his daughter can escape the town. That is the basic storyline of Case Zero and it does a good enough job to create the beginnings of Chuck’s story.

One of the main features of Dead Rising 2 is the ability to combine weapons to create new ones. Once players pick up two weapons that can be combined an icon shows you that the two weapons can become a new stronger weapon. The combined weapons are a lot more stronger and a lot more fun to use. One of the main aspects that made Dead Rising fun is still hear, chopping down zombies in many different ways.

The graphics in Case Zero isn’t too bad but it doesn’t compare to the high end games that players have gotten used to, but it’s understandable considering the amount of characters on screen. There’s plenty of nice effects throughout the game but again it’s nothing that stands out a lot.

Aside from the main tasks Chuck has to do there are also a few side missions as well like finding survivors, which is a lot more easier and less annoying than the original game. Other than that there isn’t a lot more to do in the game other than taking out zombies which is very fun to begin with so as a downloadable game five dollars you’ll get plenty of value out the game.

If you’re really looking forward to Dead Rising 2 then it’s recommended you check out Case Zero, it acts as nice prequel to the game and you’ll get to play around with the new combined weapons. Even if you weren’t planning on getting Dead Rising 2 it still could be worth playing through considering the fact that it’s pretty cheap as far as DLC goes, and you might end up wanting to the get the full game because of it. Either way Case Zero is a worthy prequel to one of the bigger games this year.

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Overall = 8.5


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