New $200 Xbox 360 Available End of Summer

Seems like the stories of another Xbox 360 becoming available later this year were true. The new Xbox 360 4GB console, which begins shipping on Aug. 3 in the U.S., will be available for $199.99 (U.S. ERP). This is the newest Xbox 360 remodel and includes built-in Wi-Fi N, 4GB of internal flash memory, touch-sensitive buttons and a black matte finish. We’re not sure if any deals will be taking place with the remaining Xbox Arcade systems that are still on the market but we can only imagine that massive promotions will be offered for those as well.


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Remy Cuesta
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  1. Honestly this deal is not all that good. It may have everything as it’s Big Brother. But 4GB will get filled in now time. The only way I would buy this is if in the future they sell separate 250GB Drives that you can buy and slip in the system.


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