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UPDATE: Deal of the Week: Valve Game sale and more!

This weeks highlighted sale comes to you from Gamefly which is holding a Valve games sale. Games like the Orange Box and Portal is...

Portal 2 Review: Fun with Portals Times Two!

When Portal was released back in 2007 it was part of the Orange Box package and served as almost a tech demo for this kind of gameplay. Not treated as a traditional FPS the player was given a gun that could open one portal on a wall and another portal anywhere else that would serve as its corresponding tunnel. Vavle has alot to live up to on making the sequel to such a hit and it looks like they've done it again in a much bigger way. Click the link to check out our review.

PAX East 2011: Portal 2 impressions

While at PAX East 2011 Valve treated gamers to a first look at the single player aspect of Portal 2. Everything till now has been focused on the co-op and what it entails. While it was actually not playable and video at that, it did however give us insight on what we can expect when the game drops this April.

PS3’s Portal 2 To Feature Cross-Platform Functions

Portal 2 for Playstation 3 will be jumping it's way in and out of PC and Macs come April 20th. Although there was a slight delay in release, with the cross-platform functions, I think it is definitely worth the wait.

Games Announced At VGA’s

This past week Spike hosted the Video Game Awards. Along with a great show, a plethora of games were announced that are making gamers look forward to sequels in the worst way possible. If you missed the VGA's don't worry, we made it a little easier to re-cap what was shown and a small break down of each game after the jump.

Portal 2 Release Date Announced

Valve has given the release date for Portal 2.Unfortunately the game that was meant to be released this year has been pushed back till 2011, but like all good cakes, they take time to be made perfect.


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