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New York City has seen only a few Virtual Reality VR places pop up but those can offer either a bare and or expensive experience, that’s where Escape Virtuality tries to set itself apart. Located on 130 W. 29th Street in Manhattan they offer custom experiences at lower prices. We got to check out a few of the experiences there and was very impressed in the offerings. They had a An interactive rock-climbing wall, Full motion car-racing stimulators, Multi-directional treadmills that deliver 360-degree views, Xtrematic machines that give access to 30 virtual reality games and VR escape the room which up until this point we had never heard about. The VR directional treadmills which we played a first person shooter with was a bit of a learning curve when moving your feet but once you get a shuffle motion of run then it works out great. Our favorite had to be the VR escape the room which offers different games ranging from 1-4 players with HTC-Vive units on the perimeter they had setup.

The units themselves are also in a safe place as to not let people trip over any wiring. The place also offers what would be traditional escape the rooms from their but far from it as they have levels of interactivity themselves. Chasing ghosts in the “Ghost Collector”, stopping a moving “Runaway Subway Train”, playing against your friends in a competitive “Mission Galaxy Rescue” and save NYC from a “Meltdown”. The “Runaway Subway Train” was our favorite and puts you in a subway car which actually moves around, and the puzzles themselves have people working together like we haven’t seen.

All of this at pretty significant entry prices starting at $10 for a pay per experience or you can purchase an hourly pass ($35), two-hour pass ($60), an all-day pass ($85), or an ‘Unlimited Plus’ pass which includes VR/Escape Rooms all day ($150). They also have packages that include the traditional Escape the rooms from up stairs and the place can also be used for an event space with catering options, including beer and wine. The venue is great for families, friends, corporate seminars or teambuilding events where colleagues work through unusual obstacles together, learn to build trust, enhance communication and bond through adrenaline-fueled adventures. Parties are available for groups up to 75 people.

The crew was very passionate and helpful with the space and previous years of knowledge when it came to Escape the Rooms, VR and event space entertainment. Check it out when it officially open to the public on Wednesday, July 24th. We highly recommend getting your friends down to experience the fun!

Buy tickets online to ensure availability on your preferred days.
For additional information, visit www.escapevirtuality.com and on Facebook/Instagram @escapevirtuality.nyc


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