Just Dance 3 Kinect Review

Just Dance has been paving the way of dancing games for quite some time now on the Wii. They have now gone another step forward by bringing their next big dance game Just Dance 3 to Xbox 360. While their have been a number of dance games since the release of the Kinect, this one this one stays true to its form and provides unique expect that not many in the genre know how to do, it’s called having fun.

Just Dance 3 is about having fun by yourself or with your friends. The game doesn’t have tutorials of dance steps, nor will it slow it down or show you what your doing wrong. Just Dance is what it says it is. You jump in and you play, simple as that and it does a good job at it. With a variety of songs that range from different genre’s and years. You’ll be tranced by 80’s classic “Take on Me”, while trying to jam out to Black Eye Peas “Pump It”.

Dance models are silhouette in form but are colorful and really pop in HD. You can tell the motion cap had alot of fun doing the dance moves as they’re never to hard but songs do vary in difficulty so keep it in mind. The game judges you by points on your performance, 1-5 stars and key words like Creative and Energetic. You never feel like your failing or not doing something wrong which is naturally the point.

New to Just Dance 3 is four player choreography. First they have somehow managed to get four players to work on the Kinect which didn’t seem to be possible as first mentioned but now they have routines specific to four people on screen. The amount of fun you can have playing with four people on the Kinect at the same time is best experience for it. The game also has the ability to record your own dance steps which can be uploaded and download by other xbox live members. This is just down right cool and adds alot of replayability to the game.

Since the game doesn’t take itself to seriously because it just wants to have fun, it does miss the mark on many things we’ve seen before. The game isn’t as accurate as Kinect’s other dance game Dance Central. Unless you actually know how to dance or can pick up moves easily there is no way to correct your mistakes since it doesn’t say what your doing wrong. You can only make a song easy or normal and it only counts for points, not changing the actual routine of the song. Each song only has one dance routine motion cap and most songs are geared toward girls so it may be hard to broaden gameplay with different friends that are not trying to play songs like “Baby One More Time”. We also suspect that the game only reads half the body of four people to let Kinect track them since we know it is actually capable of that but that’s not a confirmation.

Just Dance 3 is some of the best times I’ve had with my Kinect thus far. It’s not as serious, accurate or hell bent on trying to make you learn how to dance like Dance Central but it’s a hell of a good time. There are plenty of songs, unlockables and recording your own routines to have fun with is awesome. Not to mention that playing with four people can’t be matched by anything else at the moment. If you have a Kinect you should own this game, it’s a good time for any occasion.


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