Saving the World, One Brushstroke At a Time: That’s the Epic Mickey Way

Epic Mickey

From the time of his creation, in 1928, Mickey Mouse has gone through many different phases. Going from silent cartoons, to movies and now even video games. With games like Mickey Mousecapade, Kingdom Hearts and now Epic Mickey, not one fan could even imagine how this mouse has evolved.

Combining the creative powers of Warren Spector (designer), Powerhouse Animation Studios, Inc., Junction Point Studios as well as Pixar and Gamebryo, they were able to create an amazing new Mickey Mouse video game for the Wii. In this action-adventure platformer, the player takes on the role of Mickey as he’s thrown into a place known as Wasteland, a strange land completely derived from all of Disney’s forgotten projects. Armed with nothing more than a magical paint brush and a special paint thinner, it’s up to the player to help Mickey solve all of the puzzles on his quest to become a hero to save this world. You will even get to see all of the different forms and characters from Mickey’s lifetime!

It’s a first for a Mickey game to allow the player to think of their own way to get out of a jam, and are even presented with different consequences based on their decisions. Just remember your paint and thinner are not infinite, though they do regenerate slowly and you can get items to help them recover faster, this teaches you to watch how you use them and plan ahead. I can see why it was named “Best Wii Game” at E3 2010.

Now the Epic Mickey has hit store shelves for the Wii, we know everyone can’t wait to relive some fond memories. Thank you, Disney, for making a game that allows me to use my brain and have fun at the same time. We’re sure this is going to be one hell of a time.



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