Review: Transformers War For Cybertron

First and foremost I think a big thank you is in order to High Moon Studios and Activision for bringing a Transformers game that I’ve always truly wanted. There have been many Transformer games prior to War For Cybertron, and unfortunately a majority of them have faired under par. However here comes the shocking news, this game is not just good but great, Transformer fans are in for a special treat this time around. The story for TWFC takes place a millenia before the first generation of Transformers that aired during the 1980’s or as a good majority of fans have come to known as G1. The civil war between Decepticons and Autobots rages on for Cybertron. TWFC tells the story of the events leading up to the end of Cybertron and how it all happened but its not like you didn’t know that already … A few back stories of certain characters are more flushed out in the game. Starscream’s defection from Autobots, Optimus becoming Optimus Prime etc.

At the start of the game we dive straight into battle with the Decepticon side of the war which eventually follows up with the Autobots’ side after. Players are able to start from either the beginning with Decepticons or jump ahead to the Autobot campaign and skip the entire Decepticon side to begin at a later time, although doing this will add only slight confusion to the story. At the start of each mission players are given the option to choose from 3 characters to play from. Players can choose to be either the leader or one of the two backup characters for the mission and when it begins you have the choice of freely transforming into your vehicle mode or autonomous (robot) mode almost anywhere in every stage. Just be sure not to transform off a ledge or accidentally get too excited in the game and transform when nothing is underneath you. Each character has a specific load out with different abilities to use, either giving offensive buffs, cloaking to become invisible, or the ability to put down a force field to block enemy fire. Secondary fire arm slots are always left empty for all characters, but early on in the stage weapons can be found within a weapon crate or off specific fallen enemies.

Ammo and Energon cubes are scattered throughout the levels. Sometimes they’re either plenty to come by or little to none, but they are sure to pop up eventually when in dire need. The single player missions are great, the story is robust and mission based gameplay gives players ambition to push on. Each level is vast, but the environment is controlled enough to push you through the level and keep the story progressing. Background and lighting throughout Cybertron are amazing, I was amazed by the level design and detail put into everything. From the rotating gears on each character, to blinding starlight in the distance, the designers were very thorough. Every character has their own specific personality and all the sounds throughout the game seem spot on. Lets not forget what was added to the single player campaign to make it that much worth wild, the option to play 3 player co-op online. Now you can get into the game with two other buddies and it’s a hell of a lot of fun. Players can also set up a matchmaking game for some co-op campaign play.

Multiplayer modes come in many different forms. Activision took a page right out of Call of Duty and shoved it directly into Transformer’s, with a little bit of revision of course. Capture the Flag, Team Deathmatch, Deathmatch, Domination, Headquarters, and Sabotage are all packaged in with different names like Conquest for Domination, Count Down to Extinction for Sabotage, Power Struggle for Headquarters, and Code of Power being Capture the Flag. Within each game mode you level up one of four character classes which you can swap during the match. Scout, Scientist (Medic/Support), Leader, or Soldier run the gamut. They’re ranging from the lightest class with cloaking abilities, to the heavy class that’ll stand dish out the hurt.  Each character has a set of load outs, abilities, and kill streaks all different from one another. Customization of each class gives you the choice to change what payload to enter the battlefield, what abilities to have, which character and color of Transformer to go with. The third person view point within the game has some benefits like peeking around corners without giving yourself away, watching your back for cloaked enemies, and watching the amazing transformation process every time you decide to, well you know the saying … roll out.

The game play is great in multiplayer, fast, furious, but can get a bit unbalanced with higher level characters. However taking note of what abilities others have unlocked and how they use them gives the lower leveled players ambition to level up so they can start taking people apart piece by piece. While playing I did find a few glitches within the game, such as driving full speed in vehicle mode then transforming into not just autonomous mode but into and sometimes through the floor itself. Lag and connection to games are also a bit of an issue at times. Lost connection at the start of matches just kills the mood. Shooting at enemies and or the melee detection could use some work, we found ourselves scratching our heads when we melee’d someone for sure only to be left in scrap metal.

Another mode into the mix is Excavation which we all know to be Horde mode from Gears of War. Upto four players choose their favorite Autobot or Decepticon from story mode and are pitted against waves upon waves of enemies. Throughout the waves points are earned by kills that are then used to purchase health, ammo, weapons at different stations, and unlock doors that lead to different rooms and more weapons. Survival of the fittest/strongest is the name of the game for Excavation, kill fast and kill often. The more points you earn the better weapons, health, and ammo replenishes you’ll be able to use. Excavation is challenging, so be sure to be ready after every wave.

Transformers is a great game with elements from some of the greatest first person shooters around. The ability to transform wherever and whenever makes the game feel authentic and unique at that. Fierce battles whether they’re between AI or Human players are always expected. High Noon did a great job bringing the war from Cybertron into your living room. If you’ve had doubts about this game, well don’t, this game is everything and more from the Transformers Universe. The story mode alone was worth it for me but to throw in Excavation, co-op campaign, and a robust multiplayer system like Call of Duty pushed it over the top and beyond. The game isn’t perfect, but to expect perfection from a series that already has lasted over two decades of animation, movies, and games is a bit much to ask for. I’m far content with what they have brought to us. Talks of DLC being available and plans for more Transformers games like this, we can’t wait to what they bring in next.

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Overall = 9.5

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  • Rob Kwong

    [Managing Editor] Managing editor for LVLONE News, Here to bring you information on all your PC hardware, conventions, anime, and gaming needs. Love playing first person shooters, whether it be the new Call of Duty, Valorant, or Overwatch. From time to time you'll catch me playing some Team Fight Tactics or some indie games to take a breather from all the FPS games.


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Rob Kwong
Rob Kwong
[Managing Editor] Managing editor for LVLONE News, Here to bring you information on all your PC hardware, conventions, anime, and gaming needs. Love playing first person shooters, whether it be the new Call of Duty, Valorant, or Overwatch. From time to time you'll catch me playing some Team Fight Tactics or some indie games to take a breather from all the FPS games.


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