Borderlands: The Secret Armory of General Knoxx DLC Review

Borderlands seems to be one of those games you just keep coming back to. Up until now the game has had two releases of downloadable content, The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned and Mad Moxie’s Underdome Riot. Both with their own set of advantage and disadvantages, the third installment of DLC is the best out of the bunch. Bringing you not only new weapons, new environments, a new story, and new enemies, it also has new vehicles as well. Get ready to add a hell of alot more hours of gameplay in Borderlands: The Secret Armory of General Knoxx DLC.

The DLC starts you off at the town T-Bone Junction and is also where Scooters shop is held. While T-Bone Junction may seem to be your resting station, like the main game in Borderlands, its filled with secrets and fun goodies to even make scavenging fun. Everything here seems to be taken with a bit more care then the main game, making the experience fresh for all. Story fits right into the end of the main game, enemies are smarter and characters are funnier (pretty vulgar as well). You’ll here more punch lines and jokes in this then Jay Leno returning to the tonight show.

The enemies have gotten a revamp, and give a bit of a surprise in every turn. Only mentioning a few are the new skag riders, soldiers on jet packs, giant spiders called drifters (I hate spiders ..) and enemies in vehicles, including the one that can be seen near the end of the main game. All of this fit well on the new terrains and use many obstacles to their advantage. The Secret Armory of General Knoxx is filled with long roads, ridding itself of teleporters and focusing on the commute with the newer vehicles in the DLC. Scooter will give you access to a truck in the beginning with some much dissevered homing rockets. Other characters will present a faster buggy then the main game and a 4 man vehicle which is slower but still fun to ride.

Weapons and items have better attributes, making them pretty endless the more you level up. The amount of content well exceeds the other two and like the main game, it has hidden items all over the place. While the main story itself won’t take you very long, all the side missions combined will have you going at this for days, especially if you have some friends in on it. Especially if your trying to reach the new level cap, yes there is a new level cap of 61!, so expect tougher battles the farther you get.

The DLC is a blast to play with either friends or by yourself but we have to point out that this is not for players under level 35. For those taking that chance, it will become perfectly clear when the first enemy coming at you, leaves you in a pool of your own blood. For the rest that won’t have this problem be prepared for a variety of new enemies, secrets, items and story elements that are very welcomed here. If for whatever reason you had put this game down, this lastest installment of DLC well put you right back into the action. To make it even more challenging set it to play through 2, basically capping the level and giving you more of a pounding then a hang over from all night drinks of rum and coke “What, thats what she said!” … yea this DLC is that good.

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Overall = 8.8

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  • Remy Cuesta

    [Editor-in-Chief] Co-founder of LVLONE I work to bring you our readers a fun outlet to read tech and gaming news, reviews and experiences.


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Remy Cuesta
Remy Cuesta
[Editor-in-Chief] Co-founder of LVLONE I work to bring you our readers a fun outlet to read tech and gaming news, reviews and experiences.


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