Sploder.com – Gateway to Game Development?

What if you had the chance to make your own game without investing money and time (well, time is a requirement) in development school, and do it in the comfort of your own home? Thats what sploder.com makes available for the ambitious, potential Myiamoto’s in the world. Well lets not get to ahead of ourselves, this might not provide the ground breaking graphics that next gen consoles will but gamers can look at this as way to get really creative with the tools given.

sploder.com is a flash based site where someone can make games spawn with whatever they can imagine as a story. A user can make an account to join the site or just demo and tinker with the tools. You are given a choice to make either a platforming game or a Shooter game. Whether you choose to make a platform game or a shooter, you are then given access to the tools to make the games. For example, if you choose to make a platform game, you get to the development window, the window has a screen where you can place objects and characters on  the screen on a 2D plane. The main character is already made up and its numerous enemies to fight. You have a stage builder tool to help block the map the way you see fit. Also, the various weapons the main character can utilize to defeat the enemies in the game.
In the shooting game, you have a choice to make a shooter using a ship or as a robot. ( Truth is they are very much the same except, that ship shooter glides through the screen and robots walks through the map). Just as the platform game, you are given tools for the weapon arsenal, stage building items, etc… Only difference is that in the shooter you can actually have wingman with you, which is a cool addition.

On sploder.com they have games by its user community to play. Fellow users can rate each game, test it out and even comment. Although their is only one kind of main character that can be created for the platformer and such, this is more of a way to express an idea or scenario users would like to play out.

To sum up, this is a great intro to game ideas. Simple controls and tools to make a simple game that is actually fun. Making these simple games, will give one with the love for video games, a little appreciation for the game developers who make make games we and its creation process. This a gateway to a little slice of game development.

Go to sploder.com to see for yourself.


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  1. I like sploder so much that I’d would like to know how you make the website and how to get accounts I make sites with google and they don’t have things like make your own account.

    Please Help.Thanks.


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