How to bypass “Error Connect” for Battlefield 1943

By now, many users have tried to get in on the action of Battlefield 1943, but have been hit with a bit of a snag. Dice has convinced fans that it is a server issue, and they are trying to add servers around the clock. Now if any that are reading this at home have tried and have gotten a error message in the form of “Error Connecting to EA Servers”, then Dice adding servers isn’t your problem. Fortunately, we have two remedy’s that can get anyone on their way to join your friends in battle. 

Now this isn’t the first we’ve heard of these issues from EA, and it seems to be back tracking from games like Skate 2 and Battlefield Bad Company. What the result is your gamer tag/ PSN name having a glitch with the EA website and not knowing if your a registered user or not. Now a way to get through this in a rare case is to login to, or register an account if users haven’t already, and link your gamer tag/ PSN name to the official website. For many users out there, this isn’t going to work because if it has been a very long time since you played an EA game or haven’t played one that lets users login via the game, then EA has no indication of validating your gamer tag / PSN name. 

Now we’ve showed users the first way of getting it done on top, but another way is to sign off from LIVE / PSN and revert your time to November 2005, so it will reset your connection with EA. Problem is once users sign on, the time gets auto-set, so this never really works as intended. Well folks, the solution is simple, and it has been making its way through the internets fast, but its run into a bit of a problem. The ultimate method LVLONE has found is to download the demo for Facebreakers, make a fighter in the create a fighter section, and simply upload your character to the website. It will ask users for email and password so if this is new to anyone then remember it well. If users have a account and your gamer tag linked but have been running into this problem then use the account with the same password so it recognizes the account. All set! It will update the info and everyone will be good to go.

I wish we could say users are home free. but if anyone is doing this now for the first time, their maybe a bit of a problem. As of right now, the Facebreakers Demo on Xbox Live doesn’t exist any more … yea we know. Not going to quit yet? Good. Well if users out there have managed to download the demo in the past then go to your account by clicking the dashboard button, going into download history and finding it to re-download. Lets say anyone reading this never downloaded the demo? We’d tell you here at LVLONE “how could fans not download such an amazing game demo! …”. Fortunately users could also download the Lord of the RingsConquest Demo and sign in that way and update your account. I’m sure their maybe more methods to that degree out there but we know these work for sure. Get into Battlefield and the game should be good to go. Happy hunting and hope to see everyone in the Battlefield.


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  1. I tried to log in with Lord of the Rings conquest because the other options do not work for me and it wont connect with this game either…


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