Grand Opening of “Digital Underworld”: NYC (5/29/10)

Good afternoon readers! It’s your friendly neighborhood Asutari (man) here to inform you of a new venue opening up right here in our very own New York City.  It’s called the Digital Underworld.  It is a new venue under strict contract from the world renown and revered “Empire Arcadia”.  This is a place where gamers can go to test their skills against other players, chances to reach gaming glory by competing in tournaments with cash prizes, and where gamers interested in the world of fighting games can meet some of their favorite players.  IFC Yipes, Sanford Kelly, Andre Lambert, DragonGod, Dieminion and Kreymore will be some of the world famous players in attendance for this momentous occasion. More information can be found here.

Here is there address:

257 Grand Street Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Venue preview pictures!


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I'm looking for competition in Soul Calibur 4, BlazBlue, Super Street Fighter 4, and pretty much any fighter out!



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