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Spellbreak has finally run out of mana

Game giant Blizzard is again flexing it's wallet again with another acquisition of Proletariat, the developers of Spellbreak. Announced on June 28th, Proletariat posted...

Diablo 3 gets massive new patch featuring Loot 2.0

Diablo 3 just got a huge update and it is available .. well now. One of the bigger features in the patch is the...

Blizzard Putting Diablo’s PvP Arena On Hold

The rumors have been flying on the release date of Diablo III, with it all aiming towards April. The date has still yet to be announced but the April release window is looking almost dead on since Blizzard is putting PvP on hold.

Retailers Posting Release Dates for Diablo 3

Retail stores and some video game websites have been posting release dates for the highly anticipated Diablo 3. Stores like Best Buy have Diablo 3 posted for a February 1st release date, while others have the game posted for February 3rd. Everyone has still been kept in the dark on what the exact date that Blizzard is deciding to drop Diablo 3 on us, but I'm sure which ever day it is in 2012, Deckard Kain will ask you to stay a while and listen.

Diablo 3 Beta Preview

It's been quite some time since I've played Diablo, and jumping straight back into the Diablo world it felt like like I was playing Diablo 2 with a lot of upgrades. The graphics of the game have been upgraded to today's standards and the music seems as though they took it right out of Diablo 2, polished it so it's nice and shiny and stuck it directly into Diablo 3. Blizzard has done great job at first glance at capturing the feel and sounds of the Diablo franchise, but how does it play?

Diablo 3 To Have Real Money Trading Auction House Transactions

Diablo 3 will have tons of new surprises laying in wait for players, and one big one will be Auction House transactions using real life money. Yes, you heard me correctly. Real money can be used in transactions at the auction house.


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