LVLONE’s Lifestyle Products 2023 Holiday Gift Guide

This holiday season, elevate your gifting game with a curated selection of lifestyle products that seamlessly blend functionality with style. While gadgets are a favorite for us, there’s a unique joy in discovering and sharing products that enhance everyday living with a touch of flair. From fashion-forward accessories to innovative home solutions, this collection encompasses lifestyle products that not only complement your gadget arsenal but also add a touch of sophistication to your daily routine. Each item has been unboxed, tested, and or reviewed by us, ensuring that your holiday gifts are not only trendy but also reliable.

Peak Design iPhone Case & Wallet

Peak Design Mobile Everyday Case and Slim Wallet, a dynamic duo of sophistication and functionality. The Mobile Everyday Case seamlessly connects to an array of Peak Design accessories, allowing for versatile use—from bikes and cars to tripods and chargers. Fully compatible with Apple MagSafe chargers and accessories, the case incorporates a built-in magnetic locking technology, SlimLink, providing both security and an almost magical attachment experience which is some of the strongest magnet attachment component we’ve used for the iPhone. With a super slim 2.4mm profile and a protective full-surround shock-absorbing TPU bumper, the case embodies understated brilliance. Complementing this, the Slim Wallet gives you a very minimalist style, offering a slim 3.75mm profile, durable fabric, and delightful storage for up to 7 cards. The magnetic pull-tab ensures instant card access without demagnetizing credit cards. Compatible with any phone using a Peak Design Case or Universal Adapter, this duo combines elegance and utility for a thoughtful and stylish holiday gift. Pick these up today! Peak Design iPhone Case , Peak Design Wallet

Glerups Wool Slip-On’s

Treat your loved ones to the epitome of comfort with Glerups Slippers. They definitely understand the meaning of cozy, these Wool Slip-On Leather Outsole slippers from Glerups will become an instant favorite. Whether working around the house or unwinding after a long day, these slippers offer unparalleled comfort. The slip-on mule design with a soft wool upper and an open back ensures easy on/off convenience. The soft textile lining not only provides moisture-wicking capabilities but also keeps odors at bay, ensuring your feet stay warm and dry. With a cushioned leather footbed for added comfort and a durable leather outsole, these slippers combine functionality and style, making them the perfect gift for a holiday filled with warmth and relaxation.

Stark Industries Edition Sunglasses

GUNNAR Stark Industries Edition Sunglasses are a cutting-edge collaboration that merges Stark Industries’ innovation with GUNNAR’s performance expertise. The lightweight stainless steel frame, sturdy multi-barrel hinges, and smudge-resistant lens coating ensure durability and style. Featuring GUNNAR’s patented lens technology, these glasses block harmful blue light and 100% UV, providing advanced eye protection. The exclusive Stark Industries Edition comes with a sleek glasses case, microfiber cleaning cloth, and a Tony Stark pouch, making it the perfect gift for tech enthusiasts and style-conscious individuals. With a low bridge fit and prescription options available, these glasses deliver a new realm of visual performance while embodying the iconic Stark Industries legacy. While these can obviously be used in a variety of ways as many Gunnar glasses can they’re perfect for protection in everyday use and these don’t disappoint. Check out our review of the regular GUNNAR Stark Industries Edition glasses and pick up both at GUNNAR today here.

Peak Design Backpack

Now here’s a backpack that increased my travel experience this year with the ultimate laptop sleeve. This reimagined accessory boasts a thoughtfully designed organization that combines functionality and style. With dedicated compartments for your laptop and tablet, this sleeve ensures secure and convenient storage for tech-savvy individuals. The retractable shoulder pads and hip pads add versatility, making it perfect for various situations, whether placed on a net shelf or used as a pass-through suitcase. The side pocket is a versatile addition, offering storage for water bottles and tripods. Organized packing is taken to the next level with rigid sidewalls and a full-back panel load, while a zippered dividing panel allows you to separate the bag into two compartments or merge them into one. Its default 35L configuration, this laptop sleeve is both practical and stylish. Plus, with dual expansion zips providing an extra 10L volume, the maximum storage capacity reaches an impressive 45L. Gift the modern traveler in your life this exceptional laptop sleeve for a seamless blend of innovation and efficiency. Pick one up here

Warby Parkers Limited Edition Glasses with Marvel’s Spiderman 2

Here’s one that mixes the right amount of style and superhero flair with the Peter Parker eyeglasses in Pumpernickel Tortoise from Warby Parker. These limited-edition frames are a nod to the iconic character from Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 game, offering a scholarly and distinctive look. Crafted from hand-polished cellulose acetate, the frames are not only stylish but also durable. The lenses, made from impact-resistant polycarbonate, ensure both clarity and protection. Featuring anti-reflective and scratch-resistant coatings that block 100% of UV rays, these eyeglasses provide a perfect blend of fashion and function. Each pair comes with the option to make them prescription, a frame case, and a lens cloth. Enjoy a six-month, no-scratch guarantee on prescription lenses as well from Warby Parker. Also spot various Warby Parker fan-favorite styles in the video game, as store locations are scattered throughout Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’s New York, showcasing the intersection of virtual and real-world style. Take a look at them here



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