LVLONE’s Gaming 2023 Holiday Gift Guide

As the holiday season approaches, there’s a unique joy in unwinding and indulging in the world of games, whether catching up on missed titles or exploring the latest releases. To make your gaming experience even more delightful, we’ve curated a diverse list of recommendations that spans from AAA blockbusters to indie gems. Each game we’ve player, streamed and or reviewed, so whether you’re treating yourself or searching for the perfect gaming gift we have you covered with the list below!

Alan Wake 2

Embark on a chilling journey into the heart of darkness this holiday season with Alan Wake 2, a nominee for GAME OF THE YEAR at The Game Awards. In this riveting psychological horror, FBI agent Saga Anderson arrives in the serene town of Bright Falls to investigate a string of ritualistic murders. As the case unfolds, Anderson discovers pages of a horror story that mysteriously starts to materialize around her. Simultaneously, trapped writer Alan Wake, battling a nightmarish world of his own creation, seeks to reshape reality through his dark narrative. These two heroes, linked by an enigmatic connection, navigate separate but intertwining journeys through supernatural threats and corrupted landscapes. Fueled by the horror story, darkness invades Bright Falls, and only light stands between salvation and annihilation. Alan Wake 2 has had us on the edge of our seat and is a great addition to the series in the connected world Remedy Games has put together. Look out for more content from us on our gaming channel.

The Crew MotorFest

Rev up the excitement with The Crew Motorfest’s Black Friday deal, offering up to 40% off for casual and car enthusiasts . Immerse yourself in a vibrant Hawaiian open world set on the stunning island of O’ahu, where you can collect over 600 vehicles ranging from cars and boats to planes and bikes. Whether you prefer solo adventures or joining forces with friends in cooperative exploration or challenging PvP modes for up to 32 players, With Season 1 bringing additional challenges, weekly events, and iconic cars, the Motorfest is a gift that keeps on giving. The Crew Motorfest has created a fun open world with tons to do and season 2 on its way definitely pick up your copy today!

Ghost Runner 2

Delve into the heart-pounding action of Ghostrunner 2, the perfect holiday gift for gamers seeking an adrenaline-fueled experience. Set one year after the events of its predecessor, this hardcore first-person slasher immerses players in a post-apocalyptic cyberpunk future following the fall of the tyrannical Keymaster, who ruled over Dharma Tower, humanity’s last refuge. As Jack, embark on a quest to confront a violent AI cult threatening Dharma Tower’s peace and to shape the future of humanity. With incredible katana combat mechanics, nonlinear levels featuring complex motorbike sections, and interactive boss fights, Ghostrunner 2 takes the excitement to new heights. Unleash your inner cyber ninja with new skills, allowing for creativity and adaptability in the face of demanding encounters. The player progression system has been revamped, offering endless possibilities for customization and experimentation. Give the gift of ultimate cybernetic mastery and let the blood run in the highly anticipated Ghostrunner 2 this holiday season.

Forza Motorsport

Forza Motorsport is ultimate gift for racing enthusiasts. Out-build the competition by earning over 800 performance upgrades and face the challenge of our most advanced AI opponents in a new and rewarding single-player campaign. Hone your skills in Open Practice with scoring feedback on every corner, earning XP and Car Points to unlock and install upgrades in Featured Races. Challenge the Grid for scalable rewards and progress toward series trophies in this ever-evolving mode. Compete for the podium in Featured Multiplayer events with a race weekend-inspired structure or create custom races with friends in Free Play. Experience 20 rebuilt tracks from around the world, including five never-before-seen tracks, with fully dynamic time of day, weather effects, and immersive audio formats like Windows Sonic and Dolby Atmos. Gift the thrill of the race with Forza Motorsport and let the holiday festivities begin!

Sea of Stars

Unlock the magic with Sea of Stars, a gift for JRPG fans seeking a modern twist on classic gameplay. Developed by Sabotage, this game promises a unique touch in every system, revitalizing the traditional RPG experience with its turn-based combat, immersive storytelling, and exploration that seamlessly blends nostalgia with contemporary fun. The combat system introduces timed hits, multi-character combo attacks, and a strategic “locks” system, adding depth to the immersive genre. Sea of Stars’ navigation system breaks free from traditional tileset movement, allowing players to swim, climb, vault, jump, or hoist up ledges seamlessly through a breathtaking world brought to life by a custom-made render pipeline. With no random encounters or transitions to separate battlefields, the game eliminates grinding and offers a refreshing RPG experience. Immerse yourself in dozens of original characters and story arcs, exploring classic themes of adventure and friendship with unexpected twists and events characteristic of Sabotage productions.

COD Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer

Delve into the chaos and nostalgia of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3’s multiplayer modes, a perfect gift for fans of the iconic series. The return of classic maps like Highrise, Rust, and Afghan provides a comforting gaming experience, offering a slice of familiar mayhem. Different type of progression tweaks and the expansion of maps that come from Modern Warfare 2, the gameplay delivers the intense firefight action that Call of Duty is renowned for. The multiplayer, introduces favorites like Rust, offering a wildly fast-paced flow, and Afghan and Highrise, providing great close-quarters and sniping opportunities. While the launch content is commendable, the updates to movement mechanics, such as the return of slide canceling, showcase Call of Duty’s evolution to keep up with contemporary standards. With meaningful tweaks to movement and recoil mechanics, Modern Warfare 3’s multiplayer captures the heart-pounding intensity of the series, making it an exciting addition to any gamer’s holiday wishlist.

Sonic SuperStars

Embark on a nostalgic journey with Sonic SuperStars, the perfect holiday gift for Sonic fans. Experience classic 2D Sonic high-speed action platforming in an all-new light as you traverse the enchanting Northstar Islands. Play as Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy Rose, each harnessing all-new Emerald powers for dynamic movement and attacks. The reimagined game features fully 3D graphics, introducing fresh powers and abilities while retaining the beloved 2D sidescrolling action. Join forces with up to three friends in drop-in and drop-out 4-Player Local Co-op, a first for the Sonic series. Navigate stunning, never-before-seen environments, solo or with friends, and thwart the plans of Dr. Eggman, Fang, and a mysterious new adversary aiming to turn the islands’ giant animals into Badniks. Sonic SuperStars promises an unforgettable Sonic adventure, blending classic gameplay with innovative elements, making it a must-have for the holiday season.

Relic Hunters Legends

Gear up for an intergalactic adventure with Relic Hunters Legend, the ultimate co-op Looter Shooter that promises action-packed excitement! As a perfect holiday gift, join the quest during Early Access and snag an exclusive player badge available for a limited time. In this online looter-shooter Action RPG, immerse yourself in fast-paced gameplay, wielding powerful equipment and weapons. Team up with a rowdy band of Rebels, each with unique skills and abilities that you can finely tune to match your playstyle. Embark on an epic journey with the Relic Hunters, battling evil space ducks and recovering lost memories and stolen relics. With several Hunters to choose from, customize your equipment, and fine-tune skills to create the ultimate Relic-Hunting machine. Relic Hunters Legend is not just a game; it’s an exciting looter-shooter RPG that caters to customization, theory-crafting, and stat enthusiasts, making it a fantastic addition to any gamer’s holiday wishlist.


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