CES: TCL’s Alcatel 5G and Foldable phones coming sooner then you think

TCL had a decent amount of announcements during CES 2020 last week. While you may assume they are mostly about TV’s and .. well they are but on the other end they’ve been making some headlines with their phones. The Alcatel phone group showed off their 10 series of phones with the 10 Pro being the flagship and 10 5G to be the one that people will focus on. They haven’t laid out the official specs as those will be coming soon but we do know that all the devices appear to have a 6.5-inch screen, they will all probably be 1080p displays and that their will be 3 phones in the line. The cameras also ranges from 48mp to 64mp and they will come at pretty competitive pricing for mid range phones, especially the 5G version which could very well be sub $500.

Their Foldable phone has seen improvement from last year but still has a ways to go as it is only a prototype but it is well designed with a nice emerald cover when closed. This might also be the first foldable under $1000 but we’ll have to stay tuned for all the details as it’s slated for later this year. Stay tuned for more info on this from us soon!


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