A trip to Anime Boston Part 1

It’s been a while but I’m finally back from my trip to Anime Boston! It was really fun. Despite the long bus ride there, it was well worth it.

We left early Thursday and got there in the evening (no thanks to the heavy traffic passing through Connecticut…). When we arrived, we checked into our hotel rooms and picked up our con badges. It was really quick since there weren’t many people there yet and technology can make things pretty fast! I didn’t even need to print anything so I got to save paper too, ha ha!

Anyway, we decided to hang around for a bit and went to eat dinner. It was nice to relax that evening especially after a 5 hour trip (which turned into nearly 7 hours because of rain and traffic) and we knew that the next 3 days would be pretty hectic! I didn’t cosplay but I was in Fairy Kei and Lolita! It was wonderful~

On Friday, since I was staying with people that were selling, we all woke up early for breakfast and to get ready. I wore a simple black and purple theme Fairy Kei outfit that sadly I don’t I have images of! But people did take photos of me so I hope to find them. I wore pink platform sneakers and Holley Tea Time OTK socks. My skirt was black and purple with lots of lace, patterns and ruffles. It even had two bows decorating it that were attached to each other by a strand of purple pearls. My tops were a pink tank top and a purple shirt with a panda on it over that. My wig was a pink and purple split long pigtail wig and of course I put tons of accessories on! I didn’t know what to call it but I loved it!

For the most part, I spent most of Friday walking around, taking photos of cosplay and checking out the Dealer’s Room and Artist Alley. I was really impressed by everything at Anime Boston. There were a lot of great cosplayers. And the Artist Alley and Dealer’s Room were huge! And even with the amount of people that were attending, there was a decent amount of breathing space. Staff was pretty nice and even most of the attendees acted civil and not like a bunch of crazy people. And one of my top favorite parts about it was that the convention center was tied to a mall! We didn’t shop but it was still pretty cool.

After running through the shopping areas, I decided to check out the panel called “Dubs That Time Forgot” run by Mike Toole from Anime News Network. Now this doesn’t mean they were all terrible dubs – the panel also covered anime that most people outside of Japan probably missed or it just got lost in the huge wave of dubs that were released. (Some of them were kinda bad though.)

Did you know that there was an anime called “Christopher Columbus”? It was kind of interesting and actually showed Columbus’ life from when he was a child and how he would grow up to become an explorer. It was originally made in 1992 but we didn’t see a dub until 2002 (and we only got 4 episodes lol). There were others like “Grey: Digital Target” which was made back in 1986 about a post apocalyptic world that is run by a master computer that isn’t exactly into helping mankind anymore. It was really violent and graphic for something back in the day. And if there’s anything I will remember from that anime is this one line said by the main character: “I don’t wanna become a corpse by carrying a corpse.”
The panel also showed clips from “Tokyo Mew Mew” which used to air on TV by 4Kids. So you can already tell how the panel covered both ends of the spectrum. There were more interesting dubs that I had never heard of before like this one from the 1970s about a boy that when he puts on his roller skates, he would be a super hero that attacks with said skates! Another old one was very much like Kimba the White Lion or The Lion King but about bears. In this particular forest, there is a “kingdom” of bears with a queen that just gave birth. But her son is a panda! Everyone is in an uproar and the baby panda goes on a long journey to find out the truth. Pretty interesting for an anime meant for children.

After the panel, I went back into the Dealer’s Room to check on my friend who actually publishes her own manga series! It’s called “Sacred” – you should totally check it out! And as I said before, most of the people I was staying with were selling their works. Here’s the list:











I even made a new friend at the con who was also selling in the Artist Alley (which is where I went back to after Dealer’s Room closed). Please also check out Sorbet Jungle at: http://www.artfire.com/ext/shop/studio/sorbetjungle

That’s all for part 1! So sorry these will be long posts but it really was a great con!



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