Xbox 360 HORIPAD EX 2 Turbo Review

It’s always great to have different options for controllers. In any type of video game, you are only as good as your controller. Having a good controller will not only guarantee good gameplay, it also gives a better gaming experience. So can the Xbox 360 HORIPAD EX2 Turbo offer that quality gameplay?

Let’s begin with the physical design, the HORIPAD EX2 Turbo resembles the original Xbox controller with a few tweaks. The controller button layout is identical to the original 360 controller but has six smaller buttons instead of four, with the left and right bumpers being the additional 2 buttons on the face. The controller does have a bit of a learning curve to get accustomed to, depending on the type of hands a player has, this can be a nuisance. Also included with the design is a turbo switch with 3 speeds and a switch to control the sensitivity for the analogue sticks. The turbo functionality is offered on the controller for almost all the buttons including the D-pad. The only buttons that aren’t included are the start and select buttons and the two analogue sticks.
The smaller buttons wont feel comfortable at first but you’ll learn to adapt. This controller offers a lot of options for gamers. It’s clear that the developers want this controller to work for different types of games.

The thumbstick and D-Pad feel great. Both thumbsticks house a small but deep groove with four directional points. The groove gives players easier fit for their thumbs for extra precision. You can compare the D-Pad the PS3 D-Pad, it’s accurate. It’s even more noticeable when playing fighting games, it simply feels natural with this controller. The shoulder buttons have the most difference in design. The shoulder buttons are not as raised as the original 360 controller. This design doesn’t damper the experience, however it will feel awkward at first, however once adapted, you will certainly love the controller.

In all, the Xbox 360 HORIPAD EX2 Turbo is a great alternative wired controller. Even with the slight learning curve, the control you have with this controller is amazing. With a 6 button layout, extra thumbstick sensitivity settings, and 3 turbo speeds all for $29.99, its a great investment. Players will have great time and great control with this one.



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