CE Week NY roundup part 1: Gaming tech

CE Week NY proved itself to standout as New York’s # 1 tech event this year. As CES dominates the west coast, we are starting to see some of that action grow on the east coast. We got a chance to check out an array of gaming gadgets on the show floor and are rounding up some of our top picks!

Mad Catz
As popular as mobile gaming is we haven’t really penetrated the barrier of hardcore gaming in the format. Mad Catz looks to bring you one step closer with their mobile and PC offerings. F.R.E.Q. is their mobile stereo headset. Lightweight, very portable and for its form factor packed quite a punch. R.A.T. wireless mobile gaming mouse utilize bluetooth Smart v4.0 and felt very comfortable to hopefully go for hours of straight gaming. S.T.R.I.K.E. is their wireless mobile keyboard and was one of the lightest keyboards we’ve ever held.
ALl of these products and more are apart of Mad Catz GameSmart lineup which essentially lets you connect your gaming and mobile together. They also all work together well with Mad Catz micro console MOJO, which utilizes the Android platform. The console has been out for sometime but see’s regular updates like Ouya support making it on to it recently and cloud based platforms like Onlive.

Netgear’s new Nighthawk™ X6 will take your online gaming needs to the next level. With its custom three wifi bands and 3.2gbs wireless speed slowdown or broadband hogging will not be an issue. It also features Smart Connect which can not only get you onto the router fast and secure but will also prioritize the devices that need more bandwidth then others. We’ll be reviewing this in a few short weeks so stay tuned for the full run down!

Gunnar eye for gaming has been around for quite sometime. Proving itself in the MLG and regular use for gamers. Their INTERCEPT line they showed off makes it that much more affordable to get in on the action. Easing the tension on your eyes for longer gameplay their shouldn’t be any reason not to have a pair.

Check out part 2 of our CE Week NY roundup when we get into bluetooth, wifi and sound system speakers. What’s the next level of home sound entertainment and bring your gaming to a whole new level? Find out here.


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