Gunnar Digital Performance Eyeware Review

Weezer model

Stlyish, technological eyecare for advancing gaming technology.

There were plenty of gaming goodies all over the show floor at Pax East 2010. One gaming goodness that stood out to me were Gunnar’s Digital Performance Eyeware. These glasses are designed to ease the relentless stream of information that comes from computers, tvs, and handheld screens to your eyes. We were going to use them for gaming as that is one of their main focuses. I actual bought a pair (the Weezer model) because I was in dire need of lenses to help with my constant eyestrain from monitors and gaming. Were Gunnar eyeware really the new gaming glasses they say they are?

For starters, Gunnar claims that these glasses reduce “Digital Eye Fatigue” and “Computer Vision Syndrome, so let us review the features to familiarize ourselves to understand the full spectrum. In terms of comfortability, they feel very natural when put on. Our glasses were ultra-light stainless steel frames, so they are flexible and can be easily adjusted. They are not heavy and have a very snug fit. Wearing them will help you appreciate the vision you already have and aware of how sensitive they are by reducing the artificial light that comes in.

Gunner utilizes innovative i-AMP Lens Technology. The four technologies used for their glasses are diAMIX lens material, i-FL lens coating, FRACTYL lens geometry and iONik lens tints. Each pair provides its own unique aspect and overall experience. When in use, you will see a difference because they refocus your sight and give everything a magnified appearance. Believe it or not this helps, giving your eyes a break from having to keeping focusing, putting less stress on them.

The lenses have a yellow hue, and is used to help your eyes stay relaxed when viewing monitors at relatively short distance. What make monitors damaging to your eyes is that the artificial light is constanly going through your eyes. What the yellow hue does is when the light passes through, your eyes have a much easier time processing the light. After taking them off, I notice my eyes were dialaiting and watering to refocus which shows how much we go through to process this information.

What makes Gunnar’s glasses so great is how light they are. When I wore them it was easy to forget I had them on (aside of everything looking slightly yellow of course.), my ears don’t feel starined from the weight at all. This seemed perfect as I managed to play a number of games like Modern Warfare 2, Final Fantasy 13, etc. for an extented period of time without feel a hint of eyestrain.

The Gunnar glasses are a vital asset to my gaming experience. Prices range from $70 up to $150. The differences in price vary from style and the quality of the frames, the lense quality are pretty much the same. Any choice would be a wise investment. We all know that prolonged periods of viewing monitors can damage your eyes in the long term. With Gunnar’s glasses, you can rest assure that your eyes are well taken care of. Depending on the kind of gamer or computer user you are, this won’t appeal to everyone but once you try them you will definitely notice the difference.

>Side Note – The glasses can be prescriptioned filled at selected Gunnar retailers, they also have an outdoor edition and have clear lenses as well, to learn more about Gunnars’s products, go to


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