Rating and Reviews system

Rating’s and Reviews for LVLONE:

Here at LVLONE run our entire reviews discussing our impressions of presentation, graphics, sound, gameplay and replay value of the game that we are reviewing. Our rating system is made by an overall score from 0 being the worst games conceivable to man and will probably destroy lvlone.com, plus the internet… 10 being the best but would like to note while sometimes not meaning the game is perfect, it is in-fact nothing like we have seen in the series/genre and truly is a masterpiece. We will also be introducing our “After Math” impressions which will be taking a look at the game a week or two after its review in the future.

Our reviews are based on similar games from the same genre around its release (sometimes a year or two of difference) and on the respective console. Each one of our writers have knowledge in the particular console and or genre when given a game to review. We do this for the love of the game and at the end of the day thats what we do when we’re all not reviewing games, we play them.