Final Fantasy Trading Card Game in Works, Finally! But It’s Not Triple Triad?

Sephiroth Card Cloud Card

If you’ve ever played a Final Fantasy game, then you know about mini card games. Square-Enix, over many of their Final Fantasy titles, have brought us mini-games like Triple Triad and Tetra Master which are unique card games with specially designed cards and their own set of rules. For years, fans have wanted actual decks to play with their friends and now, the call has finally been answered.

Slated for release on Feburary 25, 2011 in Japan, Hobby Japan will bring the Final Fantasy Trading Card Game to the table. These are the same guys that translated Dungeons & Dragons for their Japanese fans so they could enjoy the famed tabletop RPG as well. Those guys at Hobby Japan were so nice, they even included a promotional card in the upcoming Japanese version of Square-Enix’s “The 3rd Birthday.“ And so far, I’m liking what I’m seeing.

The Final Fantasy Trading Card Game will span over the different Final Fantasy games and it looks like they’ll have different art styles according to each game, but will include many of everyone’s favorite characters, both good and evil. We will definitely see Cloud, Zidane and Sephiroth in their Dissidia versions and might see others like Aerith, Yuna and even Lightning. Samples of the card design have been released and hopefully we will see these characters in the final version and more. No word on the rules of the game or if we’ll get the game here in the States but here’s hoping!



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