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Stolen Razers

Razer has lost some important laptops over the weekend, laptops that are prototypes of what is yet to come. Two Razer Blade laptops were stolen from the Research and Development labs, each going for about $2800. The gaming laptop boasts incredible specs, with a multi-touch LCD pad that doubles as a secondary screen and mouse pad, and a 17" screen that weighs seven pounds for amazing portability. The company is looking for anyone with information to email them at cult@razerzone.com, and discourages everyone into purchasing the stolen laptops.

Razor Announces First Real Gaming Laptop

Razer has thrown down two very bold statements with the first being "PC gaming is not dead", and the second being "The Blade is the first true gaming Laptop". Taking a page from the Switchblade concept gaming netbook, the Blade will offer LCD keys, and touchscreen to stream information to the player on the fly. The Blade will run a 2.8GHz Intel Core i7 processor, 8GB of RAM, a 320GB hard drive, a 17 inch LED screen, and an Nvidia GeForce GT 555M with 2GB of video memory all clocking in around 7 pounds of pure gaming tech. The Blade will run you about $2,800 and will be available later on this year.


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