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Gwent Closed Beta Code Giveaway

LVLONE News is giving away a few closed beta codes for Gwent from the Witcher 3 for both Xbox One and PC. Easy to...

Killer Instinct’s free-to play format may be Xbox One’s new digital distribution standard

Killer Instinct was newly announced as a Xbox One exclusive title to launch alongside the console this November. Double Helix Games also shed some...

New Hawken Trailer For Your Eyes

It's been some time since we've seen anything from the very first trailer of Hawken, the first person mech shooter, but with so much action anticipation, perfection takes time.

Free-To-Play Ghost Recon

Ubisoft has announced that a free-to-play Ghost Recon is on it's way out this summer. Sorry console gamers this one is for the PC crowd only, but you'll get yours next year when Ghost Recon Future Soldier comes out.

PAX East 2011 Preview: Dragon Nest

Dragon Nest, the new free to play MMO developed by Eyedentity Games, and published by Nexon. We got a chance to play it at PAX East, and let's just say the game plays well. Check out more after the jump.

Neo Steam, free-to-play MMORPG, hits one-year anniversary with Tons of Giveaways

Atlus Online is proud to announce the upcoming one-year anniversary for the launch of Neo Steamâ„¢: The Shattered Continent, the free-to-play massively online steampunk roleplaying game.


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