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Nail’d Review: Almost Nailing it

It's hard for any game to try to reinvent the wheel, especially when its seen its fair share of games in that genre. Sometimes though when a game thinks its bringing something new, it is really bringing something old. Nail'd is an arcade ATV/MX racer with an emphasis on big jumps and speed. The game is all about throwing a bunch of stuff at you during the course and how fast you can get to the finish line. Doesn't seem like a hard thing to master? However what you get is a racer with great track ideas but spotty collision detection and some overall uninspiring execution.

E3: Hands on w/ Nail’d

The developers for Nail'd are going a different rout in delivering a pure arcade racer that is sure to capture the ultimate amount of speed while behind these ATV's and motocross bikes as well. We got a hands on with the latest build for the game and here are our impressions so far.

First look: THQ’s MX vs ATV Reflex Xbox 360 / PS3

While Pure opened our eyes to a new form of ATV the fall of 2008 and glad to announce the king is back!. This holiday season prepare yourself for an all new Rhythm Racing physics engine 2.0, Rider Reflex control system and real-time terrain deformation.


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