The XGIMI Horizon Ultra Has Changed Our Projector Setup Forever!

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The XGIMI 4K Long-Throw Home Projector boasts an array of innovative features that promise an immersive viewing experience. With its Dual Light Technology, combining laser and LED hybrid lighting, the projector offers enhanced brightness and color accuracy. Its the world’s first 4K long-throw home projector with Dolby Vision instantly grabs my attention as its something I’ve wanted in one for quite sometime. Generating 2300 ISO Lumens, this projector ensures vibrant visuals even in well-lit environments. One of its standout features is the Intelligent Screen Adaptation (ISA) 3.0, a technology that harmonizes hardware and software components for superior adaptability to various viewing conditions.

ISA 3.0 introduces impressive capabilities, including wall color adaptation and uninterrupted keystone correction. This means the projector dynamically adjusts itself to different wall colors, maintaining optimal image quality. The keystone correction, coupled with hardware enhancements, facilitates quick and precise angle adjustments. The integration of Dolby Vision on this projector results in strikingly vivid colors and improved High Dynamic Range (HDR) performance, elevating its visual quality beyond the ordinary.

For gaming enthusiasts, the XGIMI projector offers tailored modes for different gaming scenarios. The game mode seeks to minimize latency, while the low latency game mode reduces it further, enhancing competitiveness. However, the latter requires precise projector positioning, which might limit flexibility. The review identifies the projector’s capacity for single-player and casual gaming, while acknowledging its limitations for competitive online play.

There are some very minor drawbacks, including the sluggish operating system, which the company intends to address with a upcoming update. Despite being advertised as a long-throw projector, the actual throw distance can be used within the regular range, a potential concern for those seeking larger displays. The Intelligent Screen Adaptation (ISA) placement occasionally leads to excessive light bloom on the image screen when not centered. Mounting options are limited, with the projector primarily designed for tabletop placement.

We also know the challenges of streaming content in 4K with Netflix. A workaround is available but making Netflix work with 4k requires more tampering. They have also said some more mounting options might be available in the coming months as well so the addition of mountable options, suggesting potential improvements in the pipeline.

The XGIMI 4K Long-Throw Home Projector emerges as an impressive contender in the projector market, offering premium visuals at a competitive price point. The projector’s strengths lie in its Dual Light Technology, Dolby Vision integration with high end grade picture quality, and the innovative ISA 3.0. The sluggish operating system is something left to be desired but despite these limitations, the projector offers a compelling option for users seeking high-quality home entertainment experiences, especially at a price point of $1699.Also check out our video review above and let us know what you think of the projector!


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