CES 22: Step Up Your NFT Game with Meural Canvas II Native Support

Meural has been one of the finer ways to display art and posters on your wall digitally and that are interchangeable. While Meural itself has more capabilities than it officially supports it is great when it does since it gives you rich features on top of just showing things off. At last weeks CES 2022 conference Meural discussed how owners will have the ability to connect to their MetaMask crypto wallet directly from the Meural web platform. Simply connect to your wallet, select the NFTs you want to see on your wall, and they will be seamlessly uploaded to the platform, along with the verifiable QR code and associated metadata. The NFT community has only been growing with lots of money going into digitally pieces that give you ownership and rights to that piece. What better way to present that work than to display it in your home.

Do you have NFT’s you would like to display in your living room? Let us know below!


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