LVLONE’s Gaming Holiday Gift Guide 2020

The year is coming to a close and while things have been tough gaming has been thriving! There have been lots of great games this year but here are some great games if you’re in need of some holiday gifts for yourself or someone you know!

Immortals Fenyx Rising
Ubisoft has had a few open world games to come out this year but this one feels the most familiar to adventure fans. Inspired various games like The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild this open world adventure game puts you in the heart of Greek Mythology with the narration happening by none other then Zeus himself while he actively changes what’s happening as he’s saying it. The game has a pretty expansive progression system, character creation and map as we’ve gotten to check it out and have enjoyed how colorful and vibrant the graphics look especially on next generation consoles. Purchase here:

Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate
Mortal Kombat 11 released last year and has pushed the series forward not only in gameplay and graphics but overall story. What you’re getting here is the entire package since then which is alot. They’ve added multiple characters within the two character packs made and guest cameos as well like Terminator, Spawn, Robocop and Rambo! What Ultimate also does is gives those with next generation consoles the ability to see the game with all of the content with updated visuals which we’ve found to be way more crisp and clean then we could imagine. While this is technically the only fighting game to see a content/game release this fall it feels like the game is brand new with the giant roster and upgrades. Purchase here:

Dirt 5
Dirt 5 seems to be made from a different cloth from the previous versions, lend a bit from 2 and 3 then 4 at all. We’ve found that the game was much easier to pickup as it has more of an arcade feel with even the campaign being sets of racing that you progress through. This also makes its way just in time for next generation console release and has free upgrades as well! With that said the game looks stunning in 4k 60fps. We’ve find some of the game types are a bit the same at times but the different types of vehicles and surfaces to race on give it a pretty fresh look each time we get in! Purchase here:

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla
The franchise continues into an entirely new setting in the dark ages focusing on Vikings. The amount of which Assassin’s Creed has grown over the years is pretty massive with not only the visuals from next generation consoles as we’ve been playing it on Xbox Series X but also the management system as taking your clan through the open seas to setup home base and pillage islands around you and working towards goals of taking down castles. The armor and weapon leveling system was at a good pace as we moved forward with the game and the combat seemed to have gotten more engaging as things opened up. It’s also one of the few games that’s taking advantage of all the the new consoles has to offer from graphic feudality and load times we think it’s a must have to showcase. Purchase here:

Control Ultimate Edition
Made by Remedy this game is a trippy third person shooter with a eerie storyline. The game takes a little to really pick up but once it does it hooks you into the things. With rock solid combat and a nice progression system with your weapons and abilities their are many different ways of which to play Control. We should actually say that Control in general, regular or Ultimate Edition is worth picking up, the Ultimate Edition not only as the full package of expansion packs but also next generation upgrades which will be coming out early 2021. Purchase here:

The Falconeer
This game brings plane type dog fighting through a fantasy view as you’re on a giant warbird versus a plane. The game reminds us of Star Fox but not in the future as this is more of a modern setting. The Falconeer has not only been optimized for Xbox Series X being able to hit 120fps but it also engages you with tons of combat. We got a chance to play this game back at PAX East of this year and it was shocking this was developed by a single person. We’ve been playing this alot and it is definitely a game you’ll want to check out. Purchase here:

Let us know what you’re thinking of purchasing and what you manage to pick up! Also check out our Tech Holiday Gift Guide 2020.


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