Pax East 2020

Published on March 13th, 2020 | by Rob Kwong


PAX East 2020: Spin Rhythm XD

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Spin Rhythm XD was one of the biggest surprises that caught our eyes at PAX East. Rhythm games have always been done before, but Spin Rhythm XD is a bit different because it introduces midi DJ turntable controllers (not included) to match not just scratches but also taps and rotations. The game feels super intuitive on how to play, rotate the turntable to match up the spaces/beats to be pink or blue, spin spin it to match the direction of the arrows and keep the colors aligned with the right paths. The feel of the game has the feel of all the classic rhythm games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band, and the music in the game will definitely get your body moving or your head bobbing. Spin Rhythm XD is currently available on Steam as early access and will start with 15 tracks, and 12+ original songs from artists like Nitro Fun, Hyper Potions, and Pegboard Nerds. Since it’s currently on PC you can use the mouse and keyboard to play unless you have a midi turntable. Spin Rhythm XD will come to the Nintendo Switch later on this year so keep your eyes out!

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