Microsoft brings in-person competitions at the Microsoft Store!

Fortnite has taken the gaming world by storm. Today, we announced that we’re bringing a new Fortnite Fridays event series to Microsoft Store locationsacross the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico and Australia –  The events will start on Friday, April 20 as part of our ASUS ROG Arena program, which has already brought together over 10,000 players of all skill levels and also includes Overwatch and League of Legends.

Lots of folks have played Fortnite at home, but most of them haven’t experienced what it’s like to compete in person and celebrate a Victory Royale in front of a crowd of spectators! We’re really excited to bring these organized competitions to Fortnite and to see local gaming communities meet up for their shared passion. Plus, attendees will be eligible to take home the grand prize of gift cards applicable toward 2,500 V-Bucks each week depending on how high they place and how many opponents they eliminate each round.

Fortnite Fridays Schedule

Solos: Friday, April 20 – Friday, May 11

Duos: Friday, May 18 – Friday, June 8

Squads: Friday, June 15 – Friday, July 6

 Pro Players Weigh In on First Timer’s Guide for In-person Gaming

For those who love to play from home but may be hesitant to get together with their local gaming community, we’ve got just the thing!

A First-Timer’s Guide for those who are interested in getting involved with in-person gaming events. The guide has exclusive tips and advice from esports pros that are designed to make it as easy – and fun – as possible to jump into a local gaming scene. See attached!

Parody E-cards containing fun, tongue-in-cheek inspirational messages for players new to gaming competitions.

Overwatch: Flash Ops

 Local gaming communities will also have the opportunity to play Overwatch at ASUS ROG Arena thanks to the recent addition of Overwatch: Flash Ops, a new series of in-person celebrations starting today, April 19that brings together Overwatch fans of all ages, interests and skill levels. Microsoft Store will be hosting Overwatch: Flash Ops community nights every Thursday at all stores inthe U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico and Australia, and you can find more details on the events here.

 League of Legends

Microsoft Store’s ASUS ROG Arena League of Legends events allow attendees to play League Unlocked, a premium experience that’s only made available for official League of Legends partners and live events. In League Unlocked, all champions and over 100 skins are unlocked for the duration of the event, and players will earn an extra 50 percent XP for their personal accounts! Other prizes are up for grabs too, including mystery skins and icons, RP and unique gear from ASUS ROG. You can find more info on our League of Legends nights here.

Let us know if you are going to these awesome events in the comment section!


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