Our CES ’18 Gaming Roundup

CES give opportunity for more then just tech in TV’s and gadgets but gaming as well and some companies came with great accessaries for gaming you’re not going to want to miss! Here are some of our favorites we saw at the show this year!

HyperX Cloud Flight
HyperX had announced during the show that they were releasing its first ever pair of wireless headphones. The Cloud Flight will have a LED of the logo on the headphones and boasts 30hours of battery life. That’s of course with the LED off but these were press light weight and a modern design that looked well with the rest of the lineup.

Netgear Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR500 Router
This very customizable router had tons of features not only in hardware but software side as they’ve built a robust web app that lets you know everything going on with the router, where to focus its bandwidth and even automatically setting up a VPN. Our favorite feature was having the ability to setup where you would want to connect in terms of game servers so you can keep lag to a minimum!

Nvidia’s BFGD TV
One of the sleeper hits for us at the show. Nvidia showed off its Big Gaming Format Display which it is working with three manufactures so far to make it happen. Acer, Asus, and HP will be releasing Nvidia’s display later this year and can expect different flavoring to it. Some of the coolest things we saw with the display was Nvidia incorporating their GSync technology, reducing the amount of screen tear and having dynamic refresh rate. This would also serve up a great picture quality during movies if everything said holds up.

Razer Project Linda
While not specifically tide to gaming this cool prototype combined Razer’s powerful cellphone and a small laptop that serves as its dock to combine them for a hybrid computer. What you get is a the Razer phone that can act as a computer on the fly and not only looked cool but ran very smooth. Mobile gaming to the big screen looked even better and since the phone is functioning while the laptop is on you can get custom displays like selecting items and viewing stats on the phone while the laptop screen was clear of all HUD displays.

These were just a taste of what we got to see at the show but definitely got our attention of the next wave of products happening in gaming. Stay tuned for more on these and other roundups from CES.


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