Our CES ’18 TV Roundup

Like every year CES is the place that companies showcase plenty of products but the one thing that you can’t miss are the TV’s. This year brought more break throughs into 4K and HDR which many of the benefits of why can be found here. Some manage to even surprise us in the sea of TV’s we’ve seen. Here are some of the best we’ve seen at the show.

Samsung’s The Wall
Great name for an even greater concept. This TV is new technology for Samsung bringing in Micro LED. This is able to match OLED on a pixel to pixel level by making modular panels that can scale larger and even smaller then the 146″ one displayed at the show. Bringing in all the bells and whistles while also taking on the newly announced HDR10+. We spoke with the Blu-ray Disc Association, the UHD Alliance and Samsung on how it will dynamically change a pictures high dynamic range frame by frame like Dolby Vision and it looked great when demoed.

With its speakerless design this TV has a different form factor then its competitors. 4k with HDR and is coming in at 55, 65 or 77″ the base in the back and its kickstand is where the guts for this TV lie. Not only that but it has vibration technology that admits sound through the panel itself. Using Sony’s X1 Extreme chip, it’s a gorgeous looking display that has a very chic appeal to it.

TCL Roku 6-Series 4K HDR TV
Coming in aggressively as one of the more consumer friendly priced manufactures in the market for TV’s bringing in newer waves of technology, TCL is taking it a step further by bringing an overall better picture quality in their next line of sets. Specifically the 6-Series not only brings 4K and Dolby Vision but also a new iPQ Engine and a versatile HDR Pro Gamma control. This is easily one of the better end sets that looked great and won’t set you back much for everything you get.

LG’s 4K UHD Projector HU80KA
One wouldn’t know as this is not something heavily promoted by LG but they’ve had a line of projectors for a few years now. This one for us was something very impressive as they came up with a very unique home projector that can be placed in many areas in a home setting while boasting 4K, HDR and is none other then a laser projector which means this will lastly upward of 20,000 hours of lamp life. The picture quality looked great and with so many options this will be a great way to introduce a 4K projector in your personal space. It’s also coming in at under $3000 which is impressive in its own right.

JVC Quantum Dot 4K UHD HDR TV
We got a nice preview of JVC’s line of TV’s as they’re looking to make a comeback in a big way. The one that stood out for us was how they’re entering the Quantum Dot 4K scene and it looks to be shaping up quite nicely. Not only was this a great looking display with 4K and HDR but they’re looking to have a line of connected audio to go along with their TV’s as they have very portable sound bars making it a great addition.

This was just a sample of some of the better TV’s we saw from the show and stay tuned for more roundups, thoughts on these products and news as it comes in.


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