Published on October 26th, 2017 | by Jonathan Lane


It’s dead! Microsoft ends production of the Kinect

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Microsoft announced that it ceases production of the gaming camera peripheral, Kinect.

The Kinect was introduced on the Xbox 360 and then came with the Xbox One before becoming an optional purchase. The camera served as a new gaming experience that enables gamers to interact with the Xbox using their body and voice. For example, you can navigate the home screen and menus with just a wave of the hand. The tech behind the Kinect was amazing however, it didn’t do as well as Microsoft hoped.

The reason for the ceased prorduction is because of 2 factors, lackluster sales of the Kinect and lucrative ways to keep pricing of the Xbox low to compete in the market.

On the bright side, Mircosoft has already put its efforts in AR and mixed reality experiences that are hitting PC’s and will soon come to Xbox.


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