Hands-On With the New Windows Surface Laptop

Microsoft showed off a few things yesterday at their keynote highlighting education and a standout was their announcement of the Windows Surface Laptop. The new laptop is slated for a June release date of this year and sports Windows 10 S3 which is streamlined for use and security. We got our hands on it at their flagship in NYC and we definitely walked away impressed.

13.5-inch PixelSense Display with touchscreen and is a perfect balance of portability and stationary use. It only weights almost 3lbs which felt like nothing for a laptop and ran very fast, getting in and our of program to browser use in a seconds or less. It has a USB 3.0, Headset jack, mini DisplayPort and 3.5mm AV. The battery also lasts about 14 hours depending on content but that should be enough for those on the run and can charge back up somewhere else.
For those that wanted something more powerful then a Windows Surface Tab this is definitely in that direction. Pre-orders are happening now and will be able to get your hands on one in December. Stay tuned as we’ll give you more on this as information comes in and our review.



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  1. For a laptop that cannot run 3rd party Windows software, i think this Microsoft Surface Laptop is too expensive, especially knowing that this is only the base model. But i guess this is pretty normal because Microsoft products are always overpriced, but they are still great quality products overall.


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